King Carlos, is one of the characters of APW and main representative of the Allendaris faction, known for his olympic and greco-roman style, astounding technique and over the top nationalism.


Coming from the mythical land of Allendaris, Carlos wants the world to know the magnificent of his allendarian wrestling heritage.

He has proclaimed himself as the King of the Allendarian Style, and adores to showcase his extensive library of moves, which are known for his mighty suplexes and strong submission holds.

Along with fellow allendarians, he created a stable known as Team Allendaris, which is conformed exclusively of allendarian wrestlers.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • Team Allendaris (Stable) - The faction of his people.
    • Alberto - Fellow allendarian, old friend and regular Tag-Team partner.
    • Cesar El Wero - Fellow allendarian, old friend and occasional partner.
    • Jony-Boy - Fellow allendarian, old friend and regular Tag-Team partner.
    • Rainbow Nazz - Honorary allendarian (due Alberto) and occasional partner.
  • BHP - Honorable opponent and fellow Referee.
  • Chicopez - Fellow Referee and current Tag-Team partner of choice.


  • Beto Maglorn - Honorable opponent and one of his most memorable rivals.
  • Pigazaman - Honorable opponent. Part of the Team Allendaris VS Team Pizzas Pagaza feud.
  • Salomonster - A firece rivalry that was inherited by their grandparents, who were huge rivals on the golden era of wrestling many ,many, years ago.

Trivia/Fun Facts

  • King Carlos is part of a three generation wrestling family, which is one of the most prestigious of the allendarian wrestling history.
  • He started training wrestling since he was 12 years old.
  • One of his dreams is to become the first allendarian wrestler to earn a gold medal on the Olympic Games.
  • Despite the abrupt, slammy and sweaty nature of the sport, Carlos hairstyle always maintains intact. What's his secret?