Hybrid Moyo, later known as BROKEN Moyo, is one of the characters of APW, known for his enigmatic personality, huge ring presence and mixed styles of wrestling.


Hybrid Moyo makes it clear that he isn't a defined character at all, his unpredictability in the ring makes him a formidable adversary in the ring.

His moveset mixes little of every style into one spectacular hybridization of wrestling. He personally enjoys high-risk high-reward moves and is not afraid of hardcore matches.

Everytime he fights, he feels like he is an artist and the ring is his canvas.


Following a streak of defeats that culminated with his lost against Queen Luxurya, HM fell on a depresive state, believing that he was not good enough, feeling obsolete. An oportunistic Dr. Slakt aproached him and easily recruited him as a member of D.E.T.H.

With his mind crushed and under Dr. Slakt's influence, he adopted a new persona named BROKEN Moyo, which depicted his current state of mind. His ring gear got some minor style changes, with the notable adition of a creepy looking face mask and some make up.

Now he has only one goal, to DELETE all the obsolete competition. Friends or foes alike.

Alliances and Rivalries

As Hybrid Moyo:


  • Alberto - Good old friend.
  • BHP - Old friend and occasional Tag-Team partner.




  • Nobody - "DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!"


  • All the "Obsolete" wrestlers (Everyone)
  • Notable Examples:
  • BHP - Prime target. APW World Championship.
  • Daniel Guillen - One of his first victims.
  • King Carlos - One of his first victims.

Championships and Accomplishments

APW World Championship (1 time)

  • As BROKEN Moyo, won against BHP. Successful Title Defenses: 0. Lost against Dr. Slakt.