Gerard Walker, AKA: The Senpai, is one of the most notable heel characters of APW and an important member of D.E.T.H., known for his great fortutide, power and pinky cheeks.


Gerard is known worldwide on the Martial Arts scene, with most of his career made on Asia.

He developed a fierce wrestling style inspired by sumo and judo elements, along with powerful grapples. His strategy is very simple: hurt the opponents so bad that they can't get up anymore.

The Senpai is also an important part of the heel stable D.E.T.H., where he is act as the right hand of their leader, the infamous Dr. Slakt.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • D.E.T.H. (Stable) - Hail D.E.T.H.!
    • Dark Ozkr - Old friend, edgelord, and main Tag-Team partner.
    • Dr. Slakt - "Supreme Leader of D.E.T.H. and future king of the world. Hail D.E.T.H.!".
  • Beto Maglorn - Old friend, situational allie.
  • Kari Walker - Senpai's Girlfriend. She's currently inactive due an injury.


  • BHP - Rivals since the World Championship Tournament finals.
  • Jaguro - Former opponent from an old Martial Arts Tournament, many years before Jaguro joined APW.

Championships and Accomplishments

APW World Championship (1 time)

  • Won against Pigazaman. Successful Title Defenses: 0. Lost against Salomonster.

Trivia/Fun Facts

  • Before entering into the wrestling industry, Gerard was a 2-times International Judo Champion.
  • He meet Jaguro many years ago while participating on a Martial Arts Tournament in Japan. The life-time feud began after Gerard was defeated by him on the semi finals.
  • His cheeks are always pink.