Dr. Slakt is one of the main antagonist of APW and Supreme Leader of the D.E.T.H. faction, known for his evil mastermind, desires of world domination and dirty in-ring tactics.


With a high intellect and maniac ideas, Dr. Slakt will do anything to accomplish his goals, anything!

His wrestling style relies on dirty tactics and outnumbering his foes. And if the situation it's becoming problematic, he can execute some nasty submission holds.

Because of his world domination impulsive desires, he founded a heel stable, alongside Gerard Walker and Dark Ozkr, called D.E.T.H., with the goal of take full control of APW by destroying the competition. To archieve this, the trio had been secretly recruiting evil wrestlers from around the word who were committed to Slakt's cause.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • D.E.T.H. (Stable) - Current Supreme Leader. Everyone in D.E.T.H. is considered an ally. Hail D.E.T.H.!


  • Everyone who is not part of (or are against) D.E.T.H. are enemies!
    • Notable Examples:
    • BHP - Sworn enemy. "Filthy champion that didn't want to gave the belt to D.E.T.H. (to me)".
    • Fernando K9 - Sworn enemy. "Wasted talent who denied the greatness of D.E.T.H". Current main Rival.
    • Pigazaman - Lost his championship against him.

Championships and Accomplishments

APW World Championship (1 time)

  • Won against BROKEN Moyo. Successful Title Defenses: 0. Lost against: Pigazaman.

La Ruleta de la Muerte 2 - Lucha de Apuesta

  • Won the Mask VS Mask match against Pigazaman at the MNL 1st Anniversary special event.

Apuestas Record

  • Mask VS Mask against Pigazaman. WINNER.