Dark Ozkr is one of the characters of APW and active member of the heel stable D.E.T.H., known for his swift and high flying moves and for his ultra violent matches.


Nobody really knows how or why, but his mind it's nothing but pain, darkness and despair...

With a mix of high flying moves and fast striking, Dark Ozkr is a dangerous competitor, he won't be afraid of taking risks if he can bring pain and blood to his opponents.

Hardcore matches are his speciality while blood and tears his favorite juice. He's just out of his mind.

He is also an important member of D.E.T.H., usually wrestling alongside his fellow Gerard Walker, bringing havoc every time.

Dark Ozkr won the vacant APW Cruiserweight Championship title on the Cruiserweight Clash Tournament, which made him the first and innaugural champion of this division.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • D.E.T.H. (Stable) - Hail D.E.T.H.!


  • Alberto - Another hated rival. Lost his Cruiserweight Champion against him.
  • Cesar El Wero - One of his most hated rivals.
  • Raitei Max - His high-flyer nemesis.

Championships and Accomplishments

APW Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)

  • First Champion, won against Kari Walker. Successful Title Defenses: 3. Lost against Alberto.