Daniel Guillen is one of the funniest characters of APW, well known for his wacky moves and sense of humor.


With comedy on his veins, he brings the entertainment to the ring. But don't think he is just a bunch of sarcastic humor, because his wrestling expertise is no joke.

His moveset is very influentied by the american wrestling style, along with some weird and funny moves to mock his opponents, like the deadly "The Worm".

He is often seen tagging with his good friend Jaguro, which became one of the hottest duos of the Tag-Team division, as they are the innaugural APW Tag-Team Champions by winning the T.T.T., Tag-Team Tournament.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • Fernando K9 - Friend and occasional Tag-Team partner
  • Jaguro - Best friend and favorite Tag-Team partner.


Championships and Accomplishments

APW World Championship (1 time)

  • Won against Salomonster. Successful Title Defenses: 1. Lost against Betoman.

APW Tag-Team Championship (1 time)

  • (With Jaguro) Vacant Title, won against Los Repartidores de Pigazas. Successful Title Defenses: 3. Lost against Betoman & Sanik9.99.