Big Ed is one of the characters of APW and a fan favorite member of La Betofamilia, known for his great strengh, charisma and radical style.


He has the strengh, he has the looks, has the moves. Big Ed may not be that big of height, but big of heart. Totally a future star.

With great grappling moves and street fighting background, he got a fearsome offensive arsenal.

He's a member of the stable known as La Betofamilia, and one of his more active members in the Tag-Team division.

Big Ed may not say a lot, but his actions in the ring speaks more than words.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • La Betofamilia (Stable)
    • Beto Maglorn - Good old friend and regular Tag-Team partner.
    • Brenda - Good friend and occasional Tag-Team partner.
    • Victor Finkar - Good old friend and regular Tag-Team partner.


  • Dark Ozkr - Recurrent adversary.
  • Fernando K9 - Lost his hair against K9 on a Hair VS Hair match. Total disrespect.
  • Jony-Boy - Honorable opponent.

Championships and Accomplishments

King of Halloween Rumble 2018

Apuestas Record

  • Hair VS Hair against Fernando K9. LOST.