Beto Maglorn is one of the characters of APW and leader of La Betofamilia, known for his huge size and brute force.


Beto Maglorn is a force to be reckoned with!

His wrestling style emphasizes on huge pulverizing moves so he can finish with his opponent as fast as he can.

Despite his intimidating appearance and badass presence in the ring, Beto Maglorn is a very peaceful person, with great family values, he will do anything to protect those who he loves. Specially his fellow stable members of La Betofamilia.

Don't try to make him angry unless you want to have a few broken bones.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • La Betofamilia (Stable) - Current Leader of the stable.
    • Big Ed - Good old friend and regular Tag-Team partner.
    • Brenda - His Wife and regular Tag-Team partner.
    • Victor Finkar - Good old friend and regular Tag-Team partner.
  • EL DÚO DINÁMICO (Tag-Team) - As Betoman.
    • Sanik9.99 - His new and succesful Tag-Team partner. Everyone likes him.


  • Adrusaurio - Rival of his wife, Brenda.
  • Daniel Guillen - A formidable, championship-tier, rival.
  • Jony-Boy - Usually part of his feuds with King Carlos.
  • King Carlos - Honorable opponent and one of his most memorable rivals.
  • Linkko - Friendly Rivalry.

Championships and Accomplishments

APW World Championship (1 time) (Current)

  • Won against Daniel Guillen. Successful Title Defenses: n/a.

APW Tag-Team Championship (1 time)

  • (With Sanik9.99) Won against Jaguro & Daniel Guillen. Successful Title Defenses: 0. Lost against JonyBoy & GachiTiger.

La Jaula del Amor 2018

  • Winner of La Jaula del Amor 2018 special event, along his wife Brenda.