Alberto is one of the characters of APW and a fan favorite member of the Allendaris faction, known for his cute personality and incredible high-flying moves.


He wants to be the very best, that no one ever was. To pin all his foes is his real test, to get titles is his cause. He will travel all around the globe, wrestling far and wide, to prove everyone in the ring the power that he got inside...

His moveset dispose of great acrobatics and killer high-flying moves, beware of him near the corners and ropes.

He is also part of the Team Allendaris along other fellow allendarian wrestlers.

His spectacular moves and brave heart are a few of the reasons why he is one of the fan favorites of APW.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • Cesar El Wero - Fellow allendarian, old friend and occasional partner.
  • Hybrid Moyo - Good old friend.
  • Jony-Boy - Fellow allendarian, old friend and occasional partner.
  • King Carlos - Fellow allendarian, old friend and regular partner.
  • Rainbow Nazz - Girlfriend and favorite Tag-Team partner ever.


  • Dark Ozkr - One of the most feared rivals.
  • Dr. Slakt - "He's disgusting and evil".
  • Perry & Krieger (The PagaDogs) - Annoying rivals.
  • Pigazaman - Honorable opponent. Main rival on the Team Allendaris VS Team Pizzas Pagaza feud.

 Championships and Accomplishments

APW Cruiserweight Championship (1 time) (Current)

  • Won against Dark Ozkr. Successful Title Defenses: n/a