Adrusaurio, or just Adru for friends, is one of the main characters of APW and one of the most notable female competitors of the roster, known for her fierce style and incredible corner moves.


Boasting great charisma, wrestling style and some occasional dancing moves, she has become one of the fan favorites of APW.

Her moveset it's very lucha libre inspired, and her favorite and more efective moves are executed near corners and ropes.

She will always fight like there's no tomorrow, because for her, greatness it's only the beginning. Expect a lot of great action every time she is on the ring, guaranteed show.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • Big Ed -  Friend, ally and one of her Idols.
  • Daniel Guillen - Funny friend.
  • Linkko - Regular Tag-Team partner. The second half of the Gemini Team.


  • Beto Maglorn - Husband of her rival, Brenda.
  • Brenda - Her main rival. Every time they fight, it's a butchery.