The APW Cruiserweight Championship is one of the championships of APW, which can only be competed among wrestlers that are under the cruiserweight weight class. Held this title represents the best of the best of the Cruiserweight division and usually guarantees a place on the Main Event spotlight.


  1. The champion must defend his or her title frequently.
  2. Championships matches for this title must be competed on Singles Match with no time limit.
  3. Only wrestlers of the APW roster that are under the cruiserweight weight class can qualify to compete for this title.
  4. If a challenger fails to win the title on his of her title match, he or she must wait for at least 2 other challengers to get their opportunity first, before getting another title shot.
  5. In case of the champion being absent due injuries, leaves the company or any other reasons, the title will become vacant.

Championship History

Current Champion:

  • Alberto - Won against Dark Ozkr. Successful Title Defenses: n/a. 

 Former Champions:

(From recent to oldest)

  • 1° - Dark Ozkr - First champion (Vacant Title), won against Kari Walker. Successful Title Defenses: 3. Lost against Alberto.